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Unveiling the Secrets of Digital Business for Beginners

Unveiling the Secrets of Digital Business for Beginners

In this article, I want to share with you crucial information rarely discussed about digital businesses, especially when you are a beginner or about to dive into the fascinating world of digital marketing and online ventures.

Often, when we are beginners and seek information on the internet about the topic, two things generally happen:

  1. The information we come across is tailored for individuals with an intermediate level of knowledge and experience.
  2. What we find is very basic and may not be of much help, or we already possess that knowledge.

At this particular point, I experienced the difficulty of transitioning from a basic level to starting my journey toward the intermediate level (within the world of digital businesses, of course).

You reach a point where you’re unsure which direction to move in; you need someone to guide and help you, and you don’t know how to find that person. Many times, we turn to courses and training, which in 90% of cases are helpful, but at times, we’re not fully satisfied because they don’t teach us how to implement what we’ve learned.

Sometimes, we simply want someone to tell us step by step what to do and how to do it. Although it may not be the most correct option, it can be incredibly helpful to start.

Now, what I want to teach you are some tips and advice that you should know to embark on your journey into digital businesses and success:


Before delving into any business (affiliate marketing, MLM, social media advertising…), focus first on learning and educating yourself about what you are going to do or the next steps you are going to take. Read information, watch YouTube videos, explore different perspectives and opinions, and get trained in what you are about to start.

Social Circle

Surround yourself with people in the same business field as you. Follow them on social media, share experiences, interact, and, above all, learn from them (especially if they are at a more advanced level than you). If these individuals are at the same knowledge level as you or lower, don’t hesitate to help them, show them what you know, and share different experiences. Surrounding yourself with people who have the same goal as you is a way to reach the objective much faster.


Something I always emphasize to all my students or those seeking advice is that having knowledge and education, as mentioned in the first point, is absolutely worthless if we are not going to implement what we know. Both are important and complementary at 50% each. It is of no use to watch a thousand courses, videos, training sessions, books, or anything else to learn about a topic if we do not implement it. Someone who divides their time equally between education and implementation is more valuable than someone who invests 100% of their time only in education and does not apply what they have learned. Which do you think progresses faster?

Personal Growth

Always work on your personal growth. Many people view it as silly or unnecessary, but they have no idea how powerful working on your mind and spirit can be to direct everything in one direction—to be a winning and successful person. My recommendation is to establish a daily routine where you allocate at least 30 minutes to invest in this activity. You can read personal development books or listen to audiobooks. This will open your mind, leaving behind negative thoughts and ideas.


This might be the most challenging aspect when we start in digital businesses, considering that we will be working from home. For many people, fully utilizing their work time can be difficult due to the numerous distractions at home, such as the phone, TV, and social media, making procrastination inevitable. However, this has a remedy, and the solution depends on you and your effort. You should try to create a strategic plan to avoid falling into distractions and prolonged procrastination.